How to Get More Results Out of Your SSC GD Constable Previous Year Question Paper

If you’re looking to get better results out of your SSC GD Constable previous year question paper, the first thing you should do is relax. If this isn’t sufficient, try some of these techniques which have been proven to work over the years:

1) Marking your own answer key at the end of each paper and checking it later with actual answer key. This will help you identify your mistakes in a shorter time period and correct them before moving on.

2) Precisely reading all directions before attempting any question.

3) Identify the logic involved in each question and keep them in mind before answering.

4) Attempt questions that are relatively easy, first and then go on to harder ones. This will boost your confidence.

5) Avoid attempting tricky questions which require you to use uncommon sense that you’re unlikely to possess at this stage.

6) Identify the recurring patterns across questions i.e. certain types of questions are repeated time after time and you can adopt an appropriate strategy to tackle them easily. You may also make your own notes if you do not want to waste your precious paper.

7) Before going on to the next section, ask yourself if you really understand the question being asked or not and try your best to answer it correctly.

8) Take plenty of breaks because it will help you clear your brain of all traces of stress and allow you to think more clearly while solving the questions.

9) Identify your strong areas and focus on them while attempting questions. This will help you avoid getting confused and save precious time.

10) Attempt questions that require higher reasoning first, then those that require basic knowledge of English, Math’s and reasoning. This will help you understand the pattern in the paper and eventually, boost your confidence.

11) Make use of the question paper and your teacher’s textbooks to answer questions. Utilize their resources to get a better understanding of the question and spend less time on calculations that you don’t need for this particular paper.


12) Take plenty of breaks as it will help you clear your head. You can also have a discussion with fellow students who may have faced similar problems and probably have come up with an appropriate strategy for attempting difficult questions.

13) Do not let your exam date weigh heavily on your mind. If you’ve scheduled a few fun-filled activities during this period, it will help you resist the urge to crack and remain focused on the paper. In addition, you can use this time to study for other examinations or even revise your weak areas.

14) Prioritize your studies without letting any other engagements distract you from it. Take the exam in one go and then take a break till the next day.

15) Make sure to get enough rest because getting tired during mid-exam period will definitely put you off and hence, you may end up spending more time on certain questions than necessary.

16) Avoid being distracted by friends or other activities who may cause you to crack during this last week of exams. Your only focus is to crack the exam paper and nothing else.

17) Practice makes a man perfect and the key to success here is practice. Keep solving previous year papers till they become easy to solve. Then you will have started picking up shortcuts which will definitely help when you take your exam.

18) Another method of improving your performance is to make use of the SSC GD Constable Previous Year Question Paper available on this page. Solving these papers, while creating an answer key for each at the end, will definitely improve your chances of getting better marks.

19) Take your own notes if they prove to be more helpful than those given by your lecturer or teacher. You may even use a color code and draw arrows in your books to highlight important things.

20) The internet has given us everything and the same goes for cracking SSC GD Constable exam papers. Spend time on the net to familiarize yourself with the tricks that will help you crack consistently.


If you want an SSC GD Constable exam job, then it is a must that you pass this exam. To achieve this, you will have to try and prepare yourself properly. Take help from your friends who have cleared this exam and ask them how they prepared for it. This can give you some idea on what to do and what not to do while attempting the exam. Giving a practice test is the best way to determine whether or not you are ready for the real thing. If you study well and attempt practice tests, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t pass this exam.

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