13 Myths About SSC JE Previous Year Question Paper

Most of the time, SSC JE (Joint Entrance Exam) is a much dreaded exam for any graduate. It often punishes those who take it. And the most dreaded question paper can be the one which has been given to the students for their previous year’s exams on Friday night and declared on Sunday morning.

This article is to set the records straight and also prepare students for the SSC JE main exam. So, here are 13 myths debunked about SSC JE previous year question paper.

Myth #1:

Previous Year Paper is a Trick Question paper: The most famous question which students have been asking is whether or not the previous year’s paper was a trick question paper? NO!!

Myth #2:

Paper was very difficult: Many of the aspirants believe that it was an easy paper. This is another myth which has been debunked. The paper was not easy at all.

Myth #3:

Paper was easy and of very low level: The fact is this; the paper was neither easy nor of very low level. It is a normal SSC JE question paper set-up of a total 200 marks, as per the syllabus.

Myth #4:

Questions Based on Latest trends: This is the most important myth which needs to be busted. The questions were not based on latest trends at all. They were very general and concrete.

Myth #5:

You may get around 40-45 correct questions : I have seen many of my friends believing that they will get around 60-70 correct answers, but my friend I will tell you that even with full paper preparation, students can’t always get more than 50. If you have studied thoroughly, you can get 40-45 correct method answers.

Myth #6:

Paper was very easy: I know if you have read the previous article about previous year’s paper, so it is impossible for any person to say that paper was very easy. My dear friends and brothers, do not be confused with myths in the article mentioned above. That is all wrong information.

Myth #7:

You should have studied for 1-2 hours: Some students think that the paper has many calculators and graphs given, so they thought that the paper was complex and needed more than an hour to study. The simple fact is this; the amount of time you will have to study depends on how diligently you have prepared for it and how good a planner you are.

Myth #8:

Paper is harder than Main Exam: The article in the beginning of the article says that paper is similar to main exam, so it’s not fair to compare it with main exam. That is exactly what has been debunked. It is true that the paper does cover a lot of concepts and topics which are on the actual SSC JE, but in a very simplified way. They are covered with different problems as well. So, there are no complex figures or diagrams given and only limited examples are given.

Myth #9:

Paper was very easy: The students are confused as to why papers are different every year. They thought that it was very easy and set-up, but it is not true. Since the syllabus is the same, the difficulty level would be more or less same for all. If a student has studied well, he/she can score easily more than 50 questions in paper 1 itself. But yes, if you have studied adequately you will get more than 50 of them correct.

Myth #10:

Students without preparation will not be able to write the answers: The first part of the exam is based on Physics and Chemistry. So, you can score as much as in half of the paper by just knowing basic concepts. The second part is based on Mathematics, which mainly covers Algebra and Geometry. If you are good at it, then it’s good for you. But if you have not studied at all, then be careful because it might give a tough time to you.

Myth #11:

You do not need to prepare for the first paper: It is very important to study the paper, because it contains many questions which are on the actual SSC JE. But it is not necessary to prepare for all of them, because you can learn it easily and get enough marks, as mentioned in the article.

Myth #12:

Paper was very easy: Many people think that this paper was very easy. According to me, it was not as easy as they believe. It was a very difficult paper because of its syllabus. And this is what happens every year. It is just like that. The paper is not easy at all even though it is exactly like the previous year’s paper.

Myth #13:

You should make a schedule before the exam: It might be true if you have been preparing for two years or more and have a good plan to crack the exam in 3 hours flat, but I don’t think so. It is very difficult to complete the exam in 3 hours. Plan well, but don’t make a schedule before the exam. Our aim should be to complete the paper based on the time given, so we can get good marks and get selected in our desired organization.

To Conclude:

These were my 13 myths about SSC JE previous year question paper. Hope you liked it. It is very difficult to complete the exam in 3 hours. Plan well, but don’t make a schedule before the exam. Our aim should be to complete the paper based on the time given, so we can get good marks and get selected in our desired organization.

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