To People That Want to Start SSC MTS 2019 Question Paper but Are Afraid to Get Started

We understand that the SSC MTS 2019 question paper is a tough beast to tackle. So here are some tips on how to make it work for you:

Step -1

Start by taking a long deep breath. This is just an exam, the stakes are not high. Remember you’ve prepared well and all that remains is to execute your plan of attack; if you’re feeling low, take time out and do something else.

Step -2

Concentrate fully on the questions. Do not get distracted by other things around you. Even if you’re running late, stick to the timings in your head and take every minute of each section to finish answering all the questions.

Step -3

During long sections, it’s better to answer a question completely before moving on to another one. In a long section, it’s easy to lose track and interrupt your flow of thought when you feel compelled to move on instead of finishing the answers for the first question at hand.

Step -4

Read the question carefully and write down the details before proceeding to the next screen. It’s easy to get lost and forget what was asked.

Step -5

Give yourself time. You’re not expected to solve all questions in one go. You can always come back to them later.

Step -6

If you must skip a question, don’t stress about it. Come back to it later. This is an exam and even if you get no points for that particular question, it won’t really affect your overall score too much.

Step -7

Read the instructions carefully. Read them thrice if necessary. Though you might think that a lot of instructions are common sense, many candidates make mistakes by neglecting instructions and not giving them the required attention they deserve.

Step -8

This is a test of your ability and not your intelligence. Yes you can score well even if you’re not the brightest or the most talented, but please don’t expect to score 100% in every section of SSC MTS 2019 question paper. This is what’s called natural talent and it’s extremely rare. You can’t be expected to get full marks if you have a naturally weak subject, or if you are unlucky with some questions.

Step -9

It’s okay to revise as much as possible and still fail. Remember this is a test. If you’re prepared, you’ll surely score well with the right approach.

Step -10

If you do get stuck, remember the answers given by others on forums like this one. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; just read through what others have said and it’ll surely help you.

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Step -11

If you’re not sure which way to go due to few options available, then make your choice based on what seems best to you? But if there’s an obvious way to go, then don’t try to be smart and pick another option. Just answer what appears is the obvious choice.

Step -12

Always take time to read your answers; this is so important. Double check if you’re sure that what you’ve written is correct.

Step -13

If there’s a particular section you’re not confident about, then go back and reread your notes for it and refresh your memory, but don’t obsess over getting everything perfect.

Step -14

For questions where you’re not really sure, read all the options available and keep trying to find the one that seems best and give it a go.

Step -15

Consider giving up on a question that you are unsure about. Since this is an exam and your time is limited, don’t expend unnecessary time on such questions that you don’t know as well. Once you get through all the sections, mark them as incorrect anyway; these questions will be marked as such for most of the candidates. Time will come when you’ll be glad that you didn’t spend time on such questions.

Step -16

If the question’s not obvious, then don’t even answer it. It’s better to skip it and move on to the next question rather than thinking about something that might not be relevant for the answer in hand.

Step -17

So many things can happen during an exam. So make sure you’re prepared for everything that can possibly happen, so you don’t panic when it does.

Step -18

If you make a mistake, don’t worry about it. You can always go back and rectify it later. So don’t worry about making mistakes. Don’t panic if you have to leave the exam hall for a little while. If you get stuck, take time out and then come back to it later.

Step -19

Stay calm and happy the whole way through the exam. This will make all the difference to your performance.

Step -20

-You don’t need excessive grammar and vocabulary strength to crack the exam. You can still score well even if you don’t possess above mentioned skills. In fact, having more vocab won’t necessarily help you in selecting the correct choice; it may only confuse you. Moreover, playing safe and selecting the option that you’re sure about is always better than playing it cool and picking the right answer despite being unsure about it. So avoid getting distracted by irrelevant words in a question. Just read the details carefully and pick the most relevant option.-If you’re not sure of an answer, first use your knowledge base to eliminate as many options as possible.

Conclusion –

Do not overstretch yourself. If you’re confident that you’ve prepared enough, then don’t push yourself beyond a point where you cannot possibly perform well. If you find this happening to yourself, then stop and give yourself more time later on. It’s okay not to do everything as perfectly as possible in one go; there will be more than enough time for that later on.

The First Step in Gaining Success in Your Career as an Officer Candidate is preparing for the MTS 2019 Exam. We Hope This Helpful Article Has Helped You to Plan Ahead So as to Prepare MTS Questions As Well.

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1. Name the physicist who is credited with the discovery of the Neutron. This 1932 discovery led to his winning the Nobel Prize.

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2. What is the uniform GST rate that has been fixed up for lottery prizes by the GST Council?

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3. Name the author who won the Sahitya Akademi Award 2019 for his book - An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India

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4. The unit of measurement of noise is

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5. Name the gas used in preparation of bleaching powder

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Which one of the following figures represents the following relationship:
Birds, Parrots, Bats

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Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps inthe given letter series shall complete it?

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8. From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot beformed using the letters of the given word:


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9. If P is the brother of Q ;  Q is the sister of R ; R is the father of S , how S is related to P?

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10. A cyclist  covers a distance of 1500 m in 3 min. What is the speed in km/hr of the cyclist?

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11. Indian Government has recently decided to sell its stake in which company?

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12. Which two numbers should be interchanged to make  the given equation correct?

9 + 7 * 5 -18 / 2 = 3 * 4 - 10 + 45 / 5


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13. what is your name?

Your score is

The average score is 30%


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