Is SSC Question Paper 2020 Still Relevant?

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is just over. We’re only three years away from stepping into a brand-new decade and, with it, unknowing what the future may hold. Certain government officials have already begun to close in on the idea that with 2020 comes a new standardized test for high school graduates. And as of yet, no preparations have been made for what this means in terms of preparation.

If you’re a student taking the PSAT or SAT next year, it may be worth your while to take into account what will happen with the SSC question paper 2020 by getting familiar with how it’s scored and how many questions are included.

What is the SSC Question Paper?

The SSC question paper 2020 is a standardized test that will be taken by all high school students in their final year of high school. They can also take on their first year at a tertiary education institution. It’s similar to the GED, and SAT tests but is instead an exam that has been made in India with Indian standards in mind.

When is the SSC Question Paper 2020 Released?

The SSC question paper 2020 will be released in 2020, and will be solely used for the purpose of grading students in India. This test is not comparable to the ACT and SAT tests at all. Therefore, it is not important for those who live outside of India to know when this will be taking place or how they might prepare themselves.

How is the SSC Question Paper 2020 Scored?

The SSC question paper 2020 isn’t scored like the SAT, GED or ACT. Instead, it’s a test that judges students on certain parameters and will score them based on their answers. It does not give out a percentile; instead giving out a number between 1 and 50 for every single question that you answer correctly.

Now that you know how the SSC question paper 2020 is scored and released, it’s important to know how exactly it’s graded. Once you take the test, you’ll be given a booklet for your answers & an answer sheet on which you can mark what your answers are. Once the exam is finished, you’ll return the answer sheet to the test administrator.

Each of your answers will be given a score between 1 and 50 based on whether or not they’re correct. If you’re given a score of 49 or below, you’ll get a “D” in the subject that’s graded. If your answer sheet is blank, it will be marked as incorrect.

There are three subjects that can be graded on the SSC question paper 2020: mathematics, verbal reasoning and science. The test will not include any language-based questions in any of these three subjects. Because it is deemed to be too difficult for students who might not have much knowledge of these languages outside of those required during their studies.

Each subject is graded differently.

Verbal Reasoning:

The verbal reasoning section of the exam lasts for 80 minutes. And it’s supposed to help you prepare for what you might face in an academic or professional environment. This means that there are a wide range of questions and concepts that are examined through these questions. You might be asked about:


The math section is also very important. There are more than 60 questions that you’ll have to answer in 85 minutes. It’s important to note that this section contains fewer, but more difficult questions than the verbal reasoning section. As well as basic math concepts that students who are preparing for this exam will be asked to review.


The science section of the SSC question paper 2020 is a lot like the other two sections; It’s very question heavy and requires that you think about all possible concepts to get a good score.


After completing the above–mentioned points at least 3–4 times you can come to solve another previous year offline and online mocks both on an alternate basis (example- Monday-offline test, Tuesday- online and so on). You may take a rest on Sunday or cover which topics you left in a week to cover.

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