A Step-by-Step Guide to SSC Stenographer Previous Year Question Paper

The SSC Stenographer’s exam can be quite a tough one to crack for many students, but there’s no need to get disheartened. We have the perfect solution for you and that is our detailed step-by-step guide on how to tackle SSC stenographer previous year question paper and emerge successful. The exam paper is divided into two sections – Rapid Shorthand Aptitude Test (RSA) and Special Stenographic Test (SST). Here’s how to do well on each of them:

Rapid Shorthand Aptitude Test (RSA) – This section consists of two parts, namely, General Knowledge and Mental Ability Test. The time given for this section is one hour. Here’s a quick glance at the topics covered under these sections:

1. General Knowledge:

This portion includes questions from Hindi, English, Political Science, History, and Geography. Candidates need to answer anywhere between 25 to 30 questions.

2. Mental Ability Test:

This section consists of a total of 30 questions, out of which the candidates need to attempt at least 20 questions in 20 minutes. This section tests the candidate’s mental ability and analytical prowess by posing them with different logical problems and puzzles. The topics covered under this portion are as follows:

Firstly, candidates have to solve ten complicated puzzles in as little time as possible within a span of 10 minutes.

Secondly, the candidates need to find a group of four words that are similar in meaning and differ in form from each other within two minutes.

Special Stenographic Test (SST) – The Special Stenographic Test section consists of three sections – Reading Reading Comprehension and Spelling. The time given for this section is one hour. Here’s a quick glance at the topics covered under these sections:

The candidates are tested on their ability to read and comprehend the following types of questions:

Reading comprehension and spelling are tested by having them complete a text. The text is an extract from a book. Candidates need to complete the whole text with their answers in the time given. There is a total of 1000 words in this section, out of which they need to supply answers within 2000 words.

The spelling section tests the candidate’s ability to spell different words. The speed is of this section is very high, and candidates are expected to spell the words at a very fast pace.

Following are some of the major tips on how to crack this paper:

The paper is divided into two sections – Rapid Shorthand Aptitude Test (RSA) and Special Stenographic Test (SST). They’ll be a total of 1000 marks for both these papers. Here’s what you should be doing each day for the next two months in order to ensure a great performance in this exam.

Solve ssc stenographer previous year question paper

1. Learn to type on a computer keyboard and practice at least 50 minutes daily:

By practicing at home, candidates will get an idea of the speed required and will be able to get used to it gradually. They can begin by hiring a computer class or seeking one-on-one sessions with their friends who are well competent in typing.

2. Practice 100 words daily in Hindi and English:

Candidates will be given a word from a list of 1000. They have to write the word on the answer sheet within one minute. It is good that they practice these words during morning discussions with their teachers or friends regularly. It is also suggested that they learn the words by heart so that they are able to recall them easily in the exam.

3. Acquaint yourself with SSC’s official website:

It is recommended for candidates to visit the SSC website regularly. They can find useful information about the syllabus, previous years’ question papers, and other resources for better preparation.

4. Find a good SSC Stenographer coaching institute in your city:

The success of any exam greatly depends on how well candidates prepare before appearing for it. To excel in this competitive exam, it is necessary for students to find a good and reliable institute that offers authentic information, resources, and student support.

5. Stay focused on your preparation:

The SSC Stenographer’s exam is an important one that brings with it a lot of promising career opportunities. Candidates need to be focused and sincere with their preparations, which is possible by devoting time from the morning till late night for studying. The more time they spend in preparing for this exam, the better will be their chances to get a good score.

6. Dress up for the exam:

It is important that candidates wear comfortable clothes to the exam. The aspirants should be smartly dressed. They should avoid wearing anything flashy or bold to the exam hall because it may distract them from concentrating on the paper.

7. Suppress your nervousness:

No doubt, the thought of appearing for an examination will make anyone nervous. But candidates should not let their nervousness get the better of them. Instead, they should channelize their nervous energy into positive thinking. They must remember that they have prepared well in order to appear for this exam and only positive thinking can ensure a good score.

8. Check the new pattern of SSC Stenographer’s exam paper:

Candidates will be given one hour to complete each test for both these papers. The paper will consist of two parts – RSA and SST, with a total of 1000 marks for each section.

9. Try some sample papers:

As the SSC has decided to change the pattern of this exam, candidates should also make an attempt at a few sample papers from past years to familiarize themselves with the new pattern and also check their level of preparation for this exam.

10. Wait for the question paper:

As the exam is to be held in January, the question paper will not be sent to the candidates immediately. It will be sent only after a few weeks. This is because they need time to confirm that they have got all necessary information pertaining to this exam. Also, they will have ample time to go through the sample papers and familiarize themselves with it before appearing for actual examination. Hence, multiple choice questions and passages with the time limit of one hour will be the major pattern of this exam.

11. Eliminate the doubts:

Sometimes candidates get nervous when they see the question paper. They may be unsure about how they will answer some questions due to a poor understanding of what these questions are asking. It is recommended for candidates to clear their doubts about a question before answering it, either by checking its meaning or going through previous years question papers. This way, they will be able to cover all questions without skipping any of them.

12. Maintain a healthy balance between work and rest:

It is essential that candidates maintain a healthy balance between work and rest in order to perform well in this exam. Candidates should get plenty of sleep, eat healthy food and drink plenty of water before the exam to keep themselves fit and active during the exam.


The SSC Stenographer exam aims to test the level of Hindi and English language proficiency of candidates. It also tests their knowledge of grammar, writing, typing speed, spelling and other important things. There are two papers – one is in English and the other is in Hindi. Both stages of this exam will test general knowledge, skill, and ability to write long passages in both languages. With these things in mind, candidates should ensure that they prepare themselves well for this exam so that they can get a good score under all conditions.

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1. Name the physicist who is credited with the discovery of the Neutron. This 1932 discovery led to his winning the Nobel Prize.

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2. What is the uniform GST rate that has been fixed up for lottery prizes by the GST Council?

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3. Name the author who won the Sahitya Akademi Award 2019 for his book - An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India

4 / 13

4. The unit of measurement of noise is

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5. Name the gas used in preparation of bleaching powder

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Which one of the following figures represents the following relationship:
Birds, Parrots, Bats

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Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps inthe given letter series shall complete it?

8 / 13

8. From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot beformed using the letters of the given word:


9 / 13

9. If P is the brother of Q ;  Q is the sister of R ; R is the father of S , how S is related to P?

10 / 13

10. A cyclist  covers a distance of 1500 m in 3 min. What is the speed in km/hr of the cyclist?

11 / 13

11. Indian Government has recently decided to sell its stake in which company?

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12. Which two numbers should be interchanged to make  the given equation correct?

9 + 7 * 5 -18 / 2 = 3 * 4 - 10 + 45 / 5


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13. what is your name?

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